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After my son buying on my behalf a very thin, flimsy noticeboard where the drawing pins went right through to the wall, I decided to go for something really substantial. When the board came I was really pleased with my purchase, my son put this up on my kitchen wall and it looked the business being so strong and supportive. This is where I am now having a problem. Somehow, I managed to unhinge the top brackets from the wall and the whole thing toppled toward me. My son is away on holiday and there is no way I can possibly lift (I am 85) the heavy board, keep it steady and put it back into place. My sister in law (78) and I struggled holding on to the board and stretching up behind to loop over the top bracket to attach it back on but then it would come off the bottom, so now I have a noticeboard resting on the floor (with me) and when my son can re position it I will be extremely wary about touching it in case I will cause it to lovingly lunge at me again. Such a shame, I was so sure I had got a prestige product but very difficult to put back in place.


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We distinguish ourselves from our online competitors by always offering a strong own brand in every product category we sell. For some product types we offer renowned brands, but for most product categories it is our own sharp priced quality brand that our online store is based on. Top quality products, for prices that are unmatched.

Since we're both producer and seller of these products, this is highly beneficial for you as a customer. For one, this simply enables us to offer a sharper price. Middle-men are closed out of our supply chain, which means that you're directly buying from the manufacturer. Next to that, we've got an enormous amount of specialistic product knowledge in-house. Let's just say, who could know a product better than the manufacturer itself? 

And last but not least, this all means that we can upgrade our service level to you. Extensive knowledge about every product we sell, the ability to communicate directly with manufacturing departments and our low price abilities, make it possible to provide full and extensive customer service. That's why we call ourselves no-nonsense specialists.

Since we're the producer of so many different types of products, we've got the ability to do what no other retailer can do: sell products fully up to customer specifications. The possibilities we offer in the field of custom production are endless. High volumes, custom designs, custom colours, custom printed: all is possible. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are met for the challenge. Quality management is key. Throughout the years our manufacturing facilities have developed a flexible manufacturing chain that allows us to manufacture custom products ranging from 1 to 1.000.000 pieces. 

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